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At DHTC, we believe in putting the horse first.

After all, that is why we are here and able to do what we do.

These horses are our working partners.

We promise to put the animal's best interest before ours. While ribbons and trophies are wonderful, they cannot replace the enjoyment of the animal itself.

Therefore they are our first priority at all times.


As always my team is the heart of this program.. my horses are the soul.

DHTC offers select Miniature Horses for sale at all times. Choose your next World Champion from our Sales page. We specialize in matching client to equine for the perfect partnership. Our clientele is compromised of both amateur and youth, with hundreds of World Champion and National Champion wins to their credit.

Visit us in picturesque Delaware and we will treat you to a tour of our state of the art training and boarding facility! Best of luck in 2024 and beyond! We'll see you at the horse shows! ~

Peas Hill



Our "Poker" is the sire to the 2020 AMHR Futurity SUPREME Champion


(owned and loved by the Minner family)



Our 2024 show schedule will be posted on our SHOW page soon!




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