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Training Center and Services ...

We believe in putting the horse first. After all, that is why we are here and able to do what we do. These horses are our working partners. 

We promise to put the animal's best interest before ours.

While ribbons and trophies are wonderful, they cannot replace the enjoyment of the animal itself.  Therefore they are our first priority at all times.

We partner with the best farriers, veterinarians and other equine specialists to ensure your horse is healthy and in winning show condition now and into their senior years.

This allows them to shine naturally, which results in a happy animal and a happy client.

We work closely with our Youth and Amateurs to be sure that you are learning and having fun! 


We have a very social barn and we host parties and events throughout the year. Our atmosphere is one of teamwork and good sportsmanship.

When you show with our Training Center you are a valuable part of our team and when you win, we all win!

Danielle Hill Youth

Training Fees: Discounts given for multiple horses Training Danielle Hill

Training Fees: per horse $500.00 per month

All Sale Horses $350.00 per month

NEW FOR 2017: A $10.00 per month/per horse will also be added to monthly board bill. This is required by State ordinance for manure removal.


Blanket/ Show Wrap Rental Fee: $100.00 per show season

Down Time: After the World Show horses remain on a show diet, neck wraps, daily turnout and light exercise $450.00 per month - Transportation: $.35 cents Per Mile/Per Horse - $100.00 minimum

Body Shave & Facial: $100..00 Per horse for horses in training $125.00 Per horse not in training Dyeing Mane & Tail: $15.00 Per Horse per Dye - 2 times a year or as needed.

Show Prep: $75.00 per horse. This includes costs of neck wraps, blankets, hoods and sheets for the show season. We request that clients do NOT send "clothes" and supplies with their horses since these will now be provided by DHTC

Expenses: Includes staff, hotels, food, tolls and other miscellaneous expenses. Will be split by the number of horses going to the show. Average cost per show is $250.00/horse.

Local Shows: $500.00


World/Nationals Show Fees: Flat fee of $1,700.00 per horse PER SHOW in addition to board/training. For clients sending horse(s) to BOTH Worlds and Nationals, Contact Peas for special financing.

Futurity Fee: 15% of monies won will be payable to the training center.

Sellers Agent Fee: 10% commission on sale price due from owner of any horse sold while in training or within 60 days of leaving DHTC

Additional Fees: Farrier, vet, entry fees, stall fees - including % of tack stalls and shavings, will be billed at actual cost.

Photo Prep Fee: $75.00 includes grooming supplies & presentation of horse for photos. If horse needs to be re-clipped $50.00/horse will apply. Photographer costs will be billed at actual rate.

Pasture Board: $350.00 per month    $8/day Mares with foals

Farrier: $25.00/horse

Paste Worm: $5.00/horse


PLEASE NOTE: DHTC will place the horses in classes best suited for the horses ability. DHTC will determine which horse(s) to show back in Grand & Supreme classes according to which horse we believe has the best opportunity to win on that given day.

This holds true for all shows including the World Championship Show.



A credit will be given towards future training.






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